iMatrices dental matrices for Class 5 filling

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iMatrices dental matrices for Class 5 filling

Transparent clear matrices are anatomically-shaped matrices which are ideal solution for Class V dental restorations.
They are flexible, bendable and adaptable and without any distortion in shape. They optimally adopt to the anatomy of the tooth they are used on. They need no manipulation before the start of dental filling. Their thin edges allow the dentist to remove the excess composite and allows to precisely rebuild the tooth. Due to their transparent nature they allow the dentist to visually see the dental filling progress and maintain quality. They do not stick to the dental composites. They form a seal around the composite ensuring no oxygen inhibition layer is formed over the filling, and also preventing any moisture and air contamination. They need minimal post filling finishing, making the task efficient. When pressed on the filling they compact and compress the filling material given a uniform filling and finish.

Cervical Matrices for Class V Restorations. Transparent & semi flexible, thus adapt perfectly to Tooth Anatomy. No manipulation needed. Thin edges enable access to subgingival cavities, no excess material flows out. Composites do not stick. Compressing allows compact filling. Minimal or no finishing required. During procedure Filling protected from Moisture & air. 6 different shapes for Anterior, Pre-Molars & Molars.

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iMatrices dental matrices for Class 5 filling

Cervical Matrices

Fill-it, Press-it, & Cure-it.

Cervical matrices make Class V restorations completely effortless. Their Anatomical shape & flexible form, eliminates the air-inhibited layer and reduces the finishing time, while protecting the restoration from any contamination. They make Faster, more profitable Class V’s with outstanding esthetics, reducing time taken in restoration and increase clinical profits.


  • Matrices adapts to individual anatomy for improved contours.
  • Use them directly to compact the composite into the restoration.
  • Thin fine edges enable excess composite to flow out for improved anatomy.

Transparent Clear

  • Enables clear visual of the material placed on the cavity and adjoining tooth structure
  • Ensure complete composite polymerization

Convenient to Use

  • Protects the restoration from external contamination
  • Eliminates the time spent in hand sculpting
  • Abolishes the air-inhibited layer
  • Eliminates the finishing time
  • No need for any polishing or finishing
  • 6 different Anatomical shapes and size for a perfect fit to choose from
  • Thin matrices ensure they reach sub-gingival cavities 


Class V Restoration Technique using Transparent Matrices

Cervical Matrix Instructions

Use the white Gingival Retractor to provide access and isolation, if the restoration is very close to the gingiva or even slightly sub-gingival.

• Prepare the tooth.

• Select the appropriate matrix for the tooth being restored.

• Snap the matrix stem into the Placement Instrument.

• The Placement Instrument is designed to hold the matrix in either a perpendicular position or an inline position to provide the most convenient application angle.

• Apply your preferred restorative materials according to the manufacturer's instructions.

• Use the Transparent Cervical Matrix to compress and subsequently shape the final composite increment, keeping it pressed against the restoration while light curing. The ar inhibited layer will be eliminated.

• Minimal finishing and polishing will complete the restoration.

Clinical Tip

After you have used your preferred bonding procedure, place the restorative material into the preparation in advance of using the cervical matrix.

Place the cervical edge of the matrix against the tooth.

While pressing the matrix firmly against the tooth, roll the matrix onto the tooth. Excess material will be expressed from the occlusal edge of the matrix rather than subginivally, greatly simplifying clean up.

Cure directly through the matrix.

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