Hand Instruments & Rubber Dam

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3D500 Garrison Dental 3D Composi-tight Ring Sectional Matrix system
  • US$104
DentalExamHandInstrument ADC / ACS /ORE Dental Exams Hand Instruments and Kits
  • US$350
025-022 Dental Hand Instruments
  • US$3.60
10000001242 Navadha Gracey Curette Instruments
  • US$4.50
NE360 Fine Vision Plain Mouth Mirror with Handle
  • US$6.30
NE361 Fine Vision Magnifying Mouth Mirror with handle
  • US$7.20
300-001 Stainless Steel Sterilising Trays & Cassettes for Hand Instruments
  • US$10
#200-114 Siqveland Matrix retainer
  • US$5.63
#200-116 Tofflemire Matrix Retainer
  • US$18
V3 Kit Dentsply Palodent V3 Intro Kit Sectional Matrix System Only 2 left in stock
  • US$295
10000001246 Dental Rubber Dam Kit Hygenic
  • US$339
ADC14 Dental Rubber Dam Kit
  • US$144
ADC-15/A Insta-Dam USA Rubber Dam / Sectional Maritce Forceps
  • US$18
390035 Flexi Dam Roeko Dental Rubber Dam sheet Coltene Only 9 left in stock
  • US$45
Rubberdamcushee Cushee Rubber Dam Clamp Cushions Only 10 left in stock
  • US$14.40
9051 KKD® DamFix Rubber dam wedjets
  • US$18
ADC15A KKD® Rubber dam hole template / Punch
  • US$9