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  • Dental Tooth preparation Trainer Blocks.

    Before working on the expensive jaw models and wasting teeth. Students can practice the handpiece and hand coordination to attain proficiency in tooth preparations. The block material's hardness is similar to the natural tooth and in natural tooth colour. Different outlined shapes enable students to self evaluate the under / overcut and cutting proficiency.

    Custom designs and formats available.


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    • Pack of 6
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  • Soft Microfiber Cloth Buff Wheel for Finishing

    Pack of 2 pcs.
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  • A adjustable stainless bands that act as a missing wall for the proximal restoration.(MO or DO)

    12 pcs Pack.
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  • Manikin with/without AG3 Jaw with Magnetic Articulator.



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  • Replacement Gingiva / Gums for Typodont Jaw Set.

    Fits Navadha ZX Typodont Jaw Set, and Frasaco AG-3 Jaw Set only.

    Note : Does not fit any other jaw set model.

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  • Individual Replacement Teeth for Navadha Typodont, also compatible fit in Frasaco AG-3 Jaw Set.

    • Precise and realistic dental training and practice models. 
    • Teeth made from special thermosetting material which provides consistent hardness.
    • Teeth provide realistic cutting feel with high-speed handpiece / dental turbine.
    • The realistic tooth morphology of the teeth provides natural occlusion.
    • High-quality control ensures each tooth is bubble-free.
    • Teeth provide the required experience of sharp edge cutting, preparation, and finishing.
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  • X-ray Training Phantom is Armamentarium necessary to prepare students for clinical dentistry. Built Sturdy for long years of use. Flexible Silicon Mask is extremely soft and realistic.

    Includes Radio-Opaque Jaw with Tongue Mounted on Articulated Quick Disconnect trays and option of Xray Film Positioner.

    Option to select between Torso or Bench mount model.

    And with or without the Xray Positioner Arm. 

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  • Mini Dental delivery unit Air-Water Syringe, High-Speed Turbine coupling. Includes Coupling for High Speed Turbine Hand Piece, Foot Pedal to activate the Hand Piece, Booster Fresh Water Bottle for Water supply to Hand Piece and Air Water Syringe, Air Water Syringe, Air Pressure Regulator to Control the Air Flow into the complete unit, Air Pressure Gauge to check the Air Pressure supply to the Hand Piece, Air Flow Regulator to Hand Piece and Water Regulator to Regulate Water supply into the Hand Piece. The Unit comes with two hole connections. Adapters to use the same with 4 Hole Handpiece is also available separately.

    Link to the Adapter: 

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  • Dental Clinical Micro Motor. Speed up to 35,000 PRM. One spare carbon Brush set Low heat Generation Suitable For Long Use Micro Motor Control box 0-35000 PRM. Forward & Reverse Direction Selection. Hand & Foot Operation. Extra Torque For Smooth. With carry Case.

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  • Adapter / Converter for Dental Hand Piece.

    To converts a 2 Hole Handpiece to fix on the 4 holes coupling/tubing select 2 Hole to 4 Hole Adapter.

    To converts a 4 Hole handpiece to fix on the 2 holes coupling/tubing select 4 Hole to 2 Hole Adapter.

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  • Features

    • Ergonomic Shape.
    • Light Weight Hollow.
    • Adequate Holding Width
    • Manufactured from AISI 420 German stainless steel.
    • Product Conforms to ISO 9001, CE-Quality Mark, ISO 13485, FDA and other Quality Standards
    • Highly polished finish for aesthetic and corrosion resistance
    • High Degree of Precision and Flexibility while conducting the Clinical Procedure.
    • Premium Quality Stainless Steel with Superior Craftsmanship.
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  • Contains 10 Assorted Clamps, Forceps, Punch, RD Frame, Clamp Board and steel Carrying case.

    Titanuim Coated Rubber Dam Clamps for added strength. Contrasting Colour clear visibility.

    Assorted Clamps Winged and Wingless Clamps for Anterior and Posterior Regions.

    Clamps included : 30, 27N, 8A, 12A, 13A, 14A, 13, 14, 206, 202, 212, 211.

    No rubber dam sheets with the kit

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  • dental dam is a thin, rectangular sheet, used to isolate the operative site (one or more teeth) from the rest of the mouth.

     Size: 6" x 6" - (36 sheets)

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  • Flexi Dam. Dental Dam Sheets are non-latex is made from high-quality material with exceptional characteristics. Flexi Dam non latex is easy to use and ensures optimum moisture control. The highly elastic material contracts closely around the tooth for effective isolation. Violet Flexi Dam prevents confusion with latex dams. Working with Flexi Dam is effective and safe.

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  • This machine is using high-power ultra-high brightness of pure blue LED light sourcce, can accelerate the photosensitive material of composite resins and tooth whitening response. This can inhibit the contraction of the resin surface to avoid cavities between the edge cracks. Condenser with enhanced optical fiber rods new LED curing light. 


    1. No International Warranty on LED Dental Light cure unit. 

    2. 1 year carry in warranty for Domestic orders. The buyer has to ship it back to us on his on account in case of any issues. 



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  • Amalgamator makes mixing amalgam capsules simple and consistent.

    *Time setting with memory function.
    *Security Guard design, motor will stop when the mask is open. 
    *Noiseless Stable operation, Electrical safety standard met. 
    *Automatic alarm to remind, Easy maintenance.

    Timing settings in 1-second graduation. It can be operated from 1 ~ 99 Seconds.

    • US$95

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  • SDI GS-80 One Spill and Two spill in regular Setting.

    Full Pack contains 50 capsules. And Trial Pack contains 25 capsules.

    And SDI Two Spill, Extra Carving Time Capsules available.

    SDI Permite Extra Carving Time ( ECT ) 2 Spill - Full Pack contains 50 capsules.

    SDI Permite Extra Carving Time ( ECT ) 2 Spill - Trial Pack contains 25 capsules.

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  • Nano Hybrid Dental Composite - Optimized Particle Composite - 5 Gms Syringe. Quantity: 1 pieces.

    Palfique Bulk flow Composite 3 gms syringe - Tokuyama Japan - 3 Gms. Quantity: 1 pieces. Shade A2

    Estelite Flow Quick Composite 3.6 gms syringe - Tokuyama Japan - 3.6 Gms. Quantity: 1 pieces. Shade A2

    Palfique Estelite LX5 Composite 3.8 gms syringe - Tokuyama Japan - 3.8 Gms. Quantity: 1 pieces. Shade A3.5


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  • Full Handpiece Kit with 1 Push Button Type Fast Handpiece + 1 Slow Hand Piece Motor + 1 Contra Angle Slow Hand Piece + 1 Straight Hand Piece - 4 hole hand piece.

    Price for 2 or 4 Hole Handpiece is the same. At the time of ordering please mention your preference.

    Handpieces are autoclavable up to 135℃, sterilized at 121℃ for 20 minutes or at 132℃. for 15 minutes.


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    • The Crown & Bridge Preparation kit is designed to offer speedy, simple and accurate tooth preparation for a wide range of crown and bridge restorations, veneers and onlays.
    • Precise depth orientation grooves can be achieved easily with the specially designed depth cutting diamond points.
    • 2 special "Tissue-Protective End-Cutting Burs" for shoulder preparation and finishing under gingival margins without injuring the soft tissue.
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  • Super-Snap is designed for easy, fast and safe contouring, finishing and polishing of all micro filled and hybrid composites.

    • Elastic silicone shank mount for easy placement of the disk onto the mandrel
    • Manufactured without a metal centre
    • Very flexible, ultra-thin disks allow easy access to interproximal areas
    • Two sizes – four grits (silicon carbide and aluminium oxide)
    • Use Super-Snap for: composites
    • Made in Japan
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