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Hand Instruments
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Hand Instruments

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  • Ergonomic Shape.
  • Light Weight Hollow.
  • Adequate Holding Width
  • Manufactured from AISI 420 German stainless steel.
  • Product Conforms to ISO 9001, CE-Quality Mark, ISO 13485, FDA and other Quality Standards
  • Highly polished finish for aesthetic and corrosion resistance
  • High Degree of Precision and Flexibility while conducting the Clinical Procedure.
  • Premium Quality Stainless Steel with Superior Craftsmanship.
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Hand Instruments Set of 15 420 US$45.00 + -

Various High Quality Stainless Steel Hand Instruments required for ADC exams preparation. Select from the  different hand instruments needed for the ADC exams

 Set of 15 includes

  1. Spoon Excavator
  2. GMT U1/U2
  3. Ward Carver
  4. SS Mouth Mirror Handle
  5. Flat Plastic Inst
  6. Diamond Shape Carver
  7. Ball Burnisher
  8. Amalgam Carver Cleoids - Discoids
  9. William Probe
  10. Hollenback Carver
  11. Amalgam Condenser
  12. Enamel Hatchet
  13. GMT U3/U4
  14. Probe
  15. Tweezer
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      0.75 lbs
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  • Type
    Set of 15, Parallelogram condensor, Diamond shape Carver, Ward Carver, Hollenback Carver, Amalgam Carrier 45 Degree, Scalapels pk 10/11, Hu-Friedy 31L ENDO EXCAVATOR, Hu-Friedy 9/11 POSTERIOR ROOT CANAL PLUGGER, Hu-Friedy 5/7 ROOT CANAL PLUGGER DE, Hu-Friedy 32L ENDO EXCAVATOR, Spoon Excavator, Gingiva Margin Trimmer U3/U4, Gingiva Margin Trimmer U1/U2, SS Mouth Mirror Handle, Twizzer, Sickel Probe, William Graduated Probe, Flat Plastic Instrument, Amalgam Round Condenser, Burnisher, Siqveland Matrix retainer, Dycal Applicator, Enamel Hatchet 53/53, Explorers - (Probe), Explorers - Straight Probe, GOLDMAN FOX, AMALGAM INSTRUMENT ROUND FIG.2, AMALGAM INSTRUMENT BALL SHAPE FIG. 3, AMALGAM INSTRUMENT BALL SHAPE FIG. 4, AMALGAM INSTRUMENT FIG. 1L, AMALGAM INSTRUMENT FIG. 2L, AMALGAM INSTRUMENT FIG. 1, AMALGAM INSTRUMENT FIG. 2, AMALGAM INSTRUMENT SERRATED FIG. 3, BURNISHER WESTCOTT FIG.2, BALL BURNISHER FIG. 27-29, PLASTIC FILLING INSTRUMENT FIG.2, EXCAVATOR FIG.17, EXCAVATOR FIG.18, PERIODONTAL INST. MOLT FIG. M9, PERIODONTAL INST.PRICHARD FIG. PR3, Bone Files FIG.10, BONE CURETTE HEMINGWAY FIG.2, BONE CURETTE HEMINGWAY FIG.3, BONE CURETTE HEMINGWAY FIG.4, TOWNER JAQUETTE FIG. U15/30, Periodontia Instruments & Scalers FIG. H5/33, Cement Spatulas D/E, Heidemann Separating Spatulas D/E FIG.1, Heidemann Separating Spatulas D/E FIG.2, Heidemann Separating Spatulas D/E FIG.3, ROACH /Wax & Modeling Carvers, GRITMAN/ Wax & Modeling Carvers, Filling Instrument - Gold Colour TIN coated, Tofflemire Matrix Retainer, Multi-Angled Scalpel Handle, Amalgam Carver cleoids-discoids, INSTA-DAM RUBBER PUNCH, INSTA-DAM RUBBER FORCEP, Hu-Friedy Hollenback DE Carver #1/2(CVHL1/26), Hu-Friedy Hatchet 15/16 CP15/16 15-8-14 Hatchets used for cavity preparation, Hu-Friedy 23/UNC15 Color-Coded EXPRO explorer on one end and a probe (color-coded) on the other

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