The Tooth- Patient Consultation / Education software - Digital

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The Tooth- Patient Consultation / Education software

1 year subscription

Digital download.

No Instalation or Special programs needed to run the Software. 

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The Tooth- Patient Consultation / Education software

1 year subscription

Digital download..

No Instalation or Special programs needed to run the Software. 

The Tooth provides dentists high quality animated visual presentation to convince patients, answer query and clear doubts about treatments. Builds up confidence and encourages patients to enroll for treatment. Saves Clinical and chair-side Consultation time, Improves efficiency and clinical profits. 
The Tooth lets dentists or their staff to explain with ease cause of problem being faced and possible solutions. Also explains after effects in absence of proper treatment. Educates patients with spectacular 3-D animated Procedures comprehensive edition covers in details host of procedures.
Languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese.
Movie names
3rd molar causing Crowding
Cavity Loss of Teeth
Early Loss of primary Teeth
Intrusion Maxilary Centrals
Maxillary Excess Reduction
Maxillary Molar Intrusion with Implants
Molar Uprighting with Implants
Root Tipping for Implant
Serial Extraction
Space Maintainer
Thumb Sucking Appliance
Thumb Sucking
Brushing Bass Modified
Brushing Bass Technique
Brushing Roll Technique Front View
Brushing Roll Technique
Brushing Top of Teeth
Floss Aid for Bridge
Floss Standard
Floss Stiff end
Interdental Brushing Braces
Interdental Brushing Severe Bone Loss Top view
Interdental Brushing Severe Bone Loss
Rubber Tip Oral Hygiene
Tongue Brushing
Tooth Anatomy
Tooth Eruption Timeline
CTG for Root
CTG with Attached Gingiva
Free Gingival Graft donor
Free Gingival Graft Receptor
GTR Mandibular Molar Defect
Increasing Attached Gingiva
Lateral Pedicle Graft of Lower Premolar
MAG Lower Anterior Sever
MAG Lower Molar
MAG Recession
Periodontal Disease Bone view
Periodontal Disease Gum view
Pocket formation with Calculus
Prophylaxis with Recession
Block Graft Single Tooth Atrophy
Chin Advancement
Chin Autograft Mand Post
Chin Implant
Distraction Osteogenesis
Full Jaw Atrophy
Jaw Atrophy Mand Post
Malocclusion Class I
Malocclusion Class II Skeletal View
Malocclusion Class II
Malocclusion Class III
Nerve Repositining
Root Tip in Sinus Retraction
Sinus Atrophy Post Extraction
Sinus Lift & Implant Placement
Sinus Lift Procedure
Tissue Hyperplasia and Removal Mand
Tooth Grafting with Titanium Membrane
Tori Removal Mandibular
Wisdom Tooth Removal Full Bony
Wisdom Tooth Removal Partial Bony
Wisdom Tooth Removal Soft Tissue
Antibiotics & RCT
Cavity Progression
RCT - Manual
RCT - Mechanical
3 unit Bridge
Anterior Teeth Splaying
Ball Clasp Provisional Single Tooth
Bar & Clip Retained Implants
Complete Lower Denture
Drifting Teeth Premolar
Fixed-Detachable Implant Mandible
Fixed-Detachable Implant Maxillary
Lower Bridge with 8 Implant
Lower Overeruption
Male Full Facial Atrophy
Male Upper Facial Atrophy
Mand Flabby Ridge
Maxillary Tuberosity Removal
Provisional Single Tooth Lower (no clasp)
RPD Lower Posterior
Upper Denture
Bar & Clip Retained Implants
Bridges vs Implant
Drifting Premolar Teeth
Fixed-Detachable Implant Mandible
Fixed-Detachable Implant Maxillary
Flapless Multiple Implants
Implant 2 Stage
Implant Attached to Teeth
Implant Occlusal Access
Implant with Post & Core
Loss of First Lower Molar Drifting
Loss of Posterior Occlusion
Lower Anterior Multiple Implant
Lower Bridge with 8 Implant
Lower Overeruption
Mand Post vertical Bone Onlay
Mini Dental Implant
Nerve Repositioning
Overeruption Single Tooth Upper
Overeruption Upper Jaw
Root Tipping for Implants
Short Implants
Sinus Lift with Implant Placement
Upper Jaw Multiple Implant
Amalgam Filling (top view)
Amalgam Filling Large
Amalgam Filling Medium
Amalgam Filling Small
Ceramic Inlay Top
Ceramic Inlay
Composite Filling (top view)
Composite Filling Small
Cosmetic Recontouring
Crown Lenghtening for Restorative
Crown Lengthening Broken Tooth
Full Gold Crown
Full Porcelian Crown
Gold Inlay (Cross view)
Gold Inlay Top View
Tooth Facing Gold Crown
Veneers for Diastema
Veneers for Stained Teeth
1 1 Year subscription for Digital downloads. 
2 Digital download (after order confirmation we send a link by email to download the software) 
3 Works only on Laptop / PC. Doesn't work on Television
4 Single User Licence. Can be installed on one system only.
5 You can download to Laptop / Desktop and not on pendrive 
6 Customisation of clinic name / hospital name cannot be done for its digital version.  
7 The content is audio-visual. Only for Patient Explanation. It is not a clinic management software.
8 GST and shipping are not added in the Digital version of the software.
9 For any technical assistance post purchase you can message us on
+91 7208495565 or drop us an email on
Mention your order number in the email
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