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Burs and Endo Holders

Burs and Endo Holders

Our selection of Bur and Endo Holders will organize your instruments for use during the procedure and keep them safe during the sterilization process. Use these holders during procedures to give you quick and easy accessibility to your burs and files.

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50Z412 Zirc Universal Short Bur Adapter (5pk)
  • $5.00
50Z406 Zirc 12-Hole Steri-Bur Guard
  • $15.00
50Z410 Zirc 22-Hole Steri-Bur Guard
  • $16.00
50Z408 Zirc 12-Hole Tall Bur Guard
  • $15.50
50Z400 Zirc 8-Hole Magnetic Bur Blocks
  • $14.00
50Z401 Zirc 8-Hole Bur Block Holder Cover 1" High-Standard
  • $7.00
50Z403 Zirc 14-Hole Magnetic Bur Blocks
  • $15.00
50Z404 Zirc 14-Hole Bur Block Cover (1" High)
  • $7.00
50Z405 Zirc 14-Hole Bur Block Cover (2" High)
  • $7.00
50Z452 Zirc Steri-Endo Guard Engine
  • $30.00
50Z450 Zirc Steri-Endo Guard Hand
  • $30.00
50Z460 Zirc Endo Assist
  • $28.00
50Z451 Zirc Foam Inserts (48pk)
  • $30.00
50Z451V Zirc Foam Inserts (144pk)
  • $60.00
50Z462 Zirc Dental Assist file Stand
  • $16.50
50Z466 Zirc Assist Stand Foam (48pk)
  • $31.00
50Z466V Zirc Assist Stand Foam (144pk)
  • $61.00