Zirc Mr. Thirsty One-Step Trial Kit

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Zirc Mr. Thirsty One-Step Trial Kit

Mr. Thirsty® is a no assembly required product that is a hands free isolation and evacuation device. With no additional parts needed, it simply inserts into any HVE valve and is ready to use.  It has a built-in bite block that will comfortably hold the patient’s mouth open, retract the tongue, protect the cheek, all while providing continuous high-volume suction.

Note : Works only on Hi-Vac (not on Low-Vac or suction tips vacuum). Outer Diameter of Mr. Thirsty is 11mm. Additional adapters may be required depending on the Inner Diameter of the Hi-Vac 


Pack Size Available Qty Price Buy
Zirc Mr. Thirsty One-Step Trial Kit Bulk Pack of 100 pcs Medium 8 US$299.00 + -
Zirc Mr. Thirsty One-Step Trial Kit Bulk Pack of 50 pcs Medium 10 US$160.00 + -
Zirc Mr. Thirsty One-Step Trial Kit Pack of 25 pcs Medium 9 US$82.00 + -
Zirc Mr. Thirsty One-Step Trial Kit Pack of 5 pcs Medium 9 US$17.00 + -
Zirc Mr. Thirsty One-Step Trial Kit Pack of 2 pcs Medium 923 US$9.00 + -

Zirc Mr. Thirsty One-Step Trial Kit

Bring an inexpensive and efficient product like Mr. Thirsty One-Step into your dental practice and experience a hands free isolation device that retracts, isolates, and evacuates !

Mr. Thirsty One-Step Trial Kit includes : 

  • 5 Pedo/Small Adult mr. thirsty one-step
  • 5 Medium/Large mr. thirsty one-step
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Dentists might say, “I have an assistant that does all of that. Why would I need Mr. Thirsty®?” Assistants might say, “Am I being replaced by this gadget?” Hygienists might say, “Cool, where do I get it? I could use help with ultrasonic scaling and placing sealants!” Most hygienists will easily see the benefits of having a device like Mr. Thirsty®. Hygienists don’t normally get an assistant and it can be a struggle to retract the tongue, hold the mirror for indirect vision, and utilize the ultrasonic scaler. Or harder yet, try wrangling the tongue of a wiggly 6-year old and maintain a dry field while placing sealants. Hygienists have dreamed of having an assistant for years, and they finally have one with Mr. Thirsty® One-Step. 

So, let’s address the potential skepticism of the dentist and assistant. What if the dental assistant is out sick? That can really throw a wrench into the day. I don’t have to tell you how difficult it will be to stay on schedule without having the hands of a skilled assistant at chairside to retract tissue, provide suction, and most importantly, keep the patient safe and comfortable. Dentists will be grateful to have Mr. Thirsty to help them out. Trust me, they will still miss not having their assistant available, but at least they will be able to get through their day a little easier.

As far as the assistant's concern about losing value to their position, I will tell you that it is quite the opposite! Think about the job description of a dental assistant. I can assure you that it is more than sucking spit and wrestling tongues. Assistants are responsible for patient education, post-op instruction, taking and pouring impressions, fabricating bleach trays, retainers, mouth guards, and temporary crowns. They are charting, taking radiographs, preparing materials, doing fluoride treatments, and coronal polishing. Plus, they have to keep up with room turn-over, sterilization, equipment maintenance, charting, and inventory management, and the list goes on. Whew! By having Mr. Thirsty available to allow the Dr. to prep a tooth by them-self, it will free up time for the assistant to keep up with all of their other duties. The assistant will become even more valuable because they can also be starting and finishing procedures while the dentist works in another treatment room. Now, we have added more revenue to our day!

Everybody from the dentist, to the patient, and everybody in between, will benefit from Mr. Thirsty®. Yes, Mr. Thirsty® really sucks! But that’s how it will reduce chair-time by up to 29%, add revenue, and make everyone happier and more efficient this holiday season!

Interested in trying Mr. Thirsty® One-Step?

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      9 lbs
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    Bulk Pack of 100 pcs Medium, Bulk Pack of 50 pcs Medium, Pack of 25 pcs Medium, Pack of 5 pcs Medium, Pack of 2 pcs Medium

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