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Demonstration Jaws

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1MISTCM49 Tooth Carving Dental Manual
  • US$63
SP079 Human Skull Model Only 10 left in stock
  • US$215
SP080 Skull model with coloured parts Only 10 left in stock
  • US$320
SP081 Skull Model Only 10 left in stock
  • US$295
NA019 Dental Display / Consultation Model
  • US$36
SP019 Mouth model with rooted removable teeth and pink gum gingivae
  • US$81.50
SP020 Mouth model with rooted removable teeth and transparent gum gingivae
  • US$81.50
SP021 Mouth model with channelled roots in transparent resin
  • US$124
SP023 Mouth with gum gingivae with considerably shrinkage and carious teeth
  • US$108.90
SP029 Enlarged mouth model of root canal therapy
  • US$72
SP082 Enlarged model with 3 stages of caries progression dental Model
  • US$81
SP027 14 enlarged Dental crowns with support
  • US$98
SP025 Enlarged mouth model on a scale of 5:1 of root canal therapy with crown
  • US$81.50
SP026 Tooth enlarged
  • US$90
SP070 Dental 3:1 Hygiene Model
  • US$60
SP028 Phases of preparation of 4 basic teeth
  • US$42
SP046 Dental Model of enlarged tooth sectioned
  • US$27
SP047 Mouth model full scale with rooted removable teeth
  • US$90
SP030 Enlarged model of implant with support dental Model
  • US$66.30
SP083 Enlarged teeth model with support
  • US$145
SP031 Dental Model of 14 teeth with support
  • US$250
SP032 Dental Model of enlarged decomposable hemimandible with carious
  • US$36
SP049 Molar decomposable
  • US$18
SP084 Dental Hemi model of bridge of 3 elements
  • US$42
Items: 124 of 48, per page