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About us

About Navadha

In 2000, Navadha was founded by Sandeep & Pooja Malpani who began receiving requests to provide high level educational materials for Universities and students with low budget. From there desire to innovate and provide a better solutions to the dental industry, Navadha was born! Since 2002, we have worked to provide innovative and continuously improved products and services that help you maximize patient care, productivity and enjoyment in your practice.

The international journey bagan when we exhibited in MWM2003, IDEM2004, IDS 2005. SInce then we have been exhibiting our New products and Innovations at ADEEC, IDEM, IDS, Sao Paulo, FDI each year.

Our client base extends to more than 48 countries. We have been suppliers to thousands of students. And we wish to bring in Innovation to many products and Applications.

Our core Value


Generate new ideas and creative approaches to problems.
Encourage creativity.
Recognize and reward innovation and calculated risk taking.
Willingness to experiment.
Pursue a unique idea or approach to get it implemented.
Continuous Improvement

Challenge conventional thinking.
Question current products and practices when appropriate.
Regularly review completed projects to identify opportunities to improve.
Learn from failure and move on.
Actively invite constructive criticism on every area of the business.

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