Please note.

1. GST will have to be paid for all orders paid from Indian banks and / or delivered in India.

2. Refund for payments made through the payment gateway would be after deducting 2% Bank charges.


Transaction can be declined with below reasons in payment gateway

transactionType = "AuthFailed" status="Processed"

In that scenario the transaction got completed but user having following reasons to fail transaction

1. Cardholder may click close / refresh / back button in the payment page for any specific reasons or without knowledge.
2. It may be due to Power failure / Internet failure.
3. If the session time is exceeded in the server.


1. Regarding Payment methods (EMI option):

a) Please note that currently we don't offer the option of EMI facility.

b) If the option of EMI is selected it can be a reason for payment failure.


2. Regarding shipping for orders placed on our website: 

Please note the following:

A) For Domestic shipments:

a) The shipping amount has already been paid alongwith the cost of goods while placing the order. The customer doesn't have to pay anything to the courier delivery person while receving the order. In case any amount is asked for payment you can inform us immediately.

b) Also we do not offer COD facility.

B) For international shipments:

a) Only the duties and taxes if any that are due on the package are payable by the customer.

b) The shipping amount has already been paid alongwith the cost of the goods.(if shipping not arranged by buyer)

c) Alternatively if shipping is arranged by buyer all charges will be charged directly to buyer's account.

3. Minor changes in prices due to exchange rate fluctuations

Our website is based on USD.  Prices displayed in your preferred currency is only for your reference purpose. The Final billing will be in USD. Your credit card company may charge you a conversion mark up fee on account of conversion into your local currency. This will show up as the difference between what you are charged by your credit card company and our invoice. The rates keep on changing according to changes in currency. There is constant Dollar exchange rate fluctuations vis-a-vis your chosen currency. Due to this, there may be minor changes in your chosen currency prices.

3A Difference in the Invoice Amount and one charged by your credit card issuer.

Foreign Transaction Charge: A Foreign Transaction Fee is a surcharge that is charged on your credit card bill if you use your card to make a purchase in a currency that is not your domestic currency or a transaction that passes through a foreign bank. Generally, a foreign transaction fee on credit cards is around 3% but it differs from bank to bank. This fee is partly charged by your payment networks like Visa or MasterCard and partly by your credit card provider. Not all credit card providers charge this fee. Therefore, it is very important to get in touch with your credit card provider to check if they will charge you this fee.

4. Email address for grievances

Any concern with respect Quantity, Quality or Integrity has to be intimated with 7 workings days of receipt of goods by the customer, not thereafter.

If you have any grievances / complaints related to our products do let us know at our email address customerservice@navadha.com

Please email us the following details: 

  1. Your invoice number, 
  2. Images / Videos of the subject matter you are complaining about,
  3. Your contact details.

We will resolve all problems faced by you expeditiously. The after sales service department has access to only emails. Online, or Whats app chat or calls can not be received by them. So kindly email to get a quick reply and resolution.

5. Delivery for UPS customers 

For Europe customers - UPS will deliver to nearby UPS Access Point™ for customer collection. Only one delivery attempt will be made.

6. Regarding Self collection

Please note that we do not have the facility of collecting the orders from our premises.

The shipping amount has to be paid by the customer even if they opt for self-collection

7. Queries pertaining to Payment Gateway

Please check if the card you plan to use to pay is a Debit Card or a Credit Card, and select appropriate option, else the payment may not go through. 

 Payment Gateway


8) How do I check the shipping cost and options?

a. The best way to find out the total cost of the goods and shipping; is to add the products you wish to order, to the cart.

b. Then click on Checkout button.

c. On the checkout page feed in your shipping address.

d. Total cost of Goods and Shipping will appear on the right pane. (please be patient it may take a few moments for it to give the shipping options and cost)

e. Here is the video that shows how to do the same.


9) Prices on the website are in USD, I prefer to see them in AUD / INR ?

On top right corner of the website there is drop down menu with US Flag Icon and USD. Click on same and change the currencies to one available that you prefer. Save it. Now you can see the prices in your preferred currency.


10) What is the difference between Columbia Dentoform Jaw Model 860 / 861 & 862 ?

861 is Upper Jaw Maxilla, 862 is Lower Jaw Mandible only. while 860 is the combination of both Upper and Lower Jaw Set.


11) Do you offer original Columbia Dentoform USA products ?

Yes we offer the Original Columbia Dentoform USA products.


12) How many days will it take to receive the delivery of the order ?

Transit time depends on the courier option selected by you. UPS takes 5~7 working days, Fedex is also quick 7~10 working days. This is normal the transit time but subject to logistics exceptions and customs of the destination country. 


13) How do I order or Pay ?

Add products that you would like to order, to your shopping cart, click on checkout. Feed your shipping address, and choose the shipping option. Pay using Credit Card. If you have an Indian Bank account you can also pay using NEFT inter bank transfers online for quicker order processing.


14) Are Columbia Dentoform teeth - PVR 860 teeth numbers in American system ?

These are as per US ADA Teeth Numbering. Please refer the FDI to ADA teeth chart on the Teeth webpage.


15) Do Navadha ZX individual teeth fit in Columbia dentoform jaws?

No. Navadha ZX individual teeth do not fit in Columbia dentoform jaws. They only fit Navadha ZX Jaw and Frasaco AG-3 Jaws.


16) Do a set of teeth and gums come along with Columbia Jaws or do we have to buy separately?

1 full set of 32 teeth come screwed in the jaw. It is not required to be purchased separately.


17) Does ADC bench mount include the soft fletcher with drainage or without drainage?

The ADC bench mount can be ordered with any of the options.

You can choose either one of them, with drainage or without drainage. Please refer the link https://www.navadha.com/adc-phantom-head.html


18) What is the shipping cost you charge?

Shipping cost would depend on the weight and destination of the shipment.


19) Why is the shipping option not showing a XYZ courier company?

Sometime certain couriers do not have the service to your shipping address, please check with us, we may be able to offer you the courier of your choice.


20) What do you include in 'Bench Mount'?

Bench Mount includes = Plastic Skull, Connecting Plates, Fletcher Cheeks, Connecting Rods, and Bench Mount Clamp. Please click on the below link for more details.



21) How to use the Discount / Gift Coupon / Refund ?

Place your order as you normally would, on the checkout page you shall see a link “have a discount coupon?”

Click on same. It shall open a redemption box, feed in your discount coupon code in same. And click on Redeem button. The discount will be automatically applied to the invoice. Same has to be used within 30 days of issuing and no later. No Revalidation will be available. Shipping, insurance, bank transaction fee and taxes can not be refunded.


22) I would like the material to be shipped or handed over to my relative, friend etc. Is that possible?

Certainly possible. We can ship to whomsoever you prefer, but responsibility ceases once the goods are delivered to the address of your choice, and further onward shipping damages or loss is not covered.


23) Contact details updation on order 

Please provide your contact details while placing an order. Without mobile phone number and zip code we can’t ship.


24) Does the Columbia Dentoform MQDMS come with the bench clamp M-8-1 when buying the manikin?

 The bench mount has to be purchased separately. 


25) I want to buy a manikin and I am wondering the difference between I phantom manikin and the economy one? Can the economy manikin work with magnetic cast because I am intending to take the manikin without jaw but with articulator

I phantom cannot be used for ADC jaws as the jaws are extraordinary big and don't fit in iphantom oral cavity.


27) I have placed an order online on your website www.navadha.com. The order has already been paid by me. Can I add new items to the already paid order for which shipment is pending?

You can place a new order online for the new items. The new order and the previous order will be shipped together on receiving the payment. 

28) Is Cash on Delivery done for the orders placed online?

We do not do cash on delivery services. The items ordered are dispatched through courier after receipt of payment.

29) Will the articulator be magnetic if we order manikin without magnetic jaws?    

Yes the articulator will be magnetic.

30) Product Assembling and Installation videos

For product assembling and installation videos please visit our You tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs_SNN1W0OMoQpgkNvhuT6Q

31) Warranties.    

All warranties are domestic and carry-in. This means you will need to arrange to drop and pick up the same from our Mumbai office. Outstation customers will need to ship the items and we can ship them back to you on freight to collect basis wherever possible. There is no international warranty offered by us.

32) Repairs and Replacement.  

Repairs and Replacement will be done in line with the manufacturer's warranty and usage terms & conditions.   

33) Order Cancellation.  

Paid orders cannot be canceled by international customers.

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