ZIRC Dental Products
Zirc - USA

Zirc - USA

See why Zirc products are more than just plastic !

  • Zirc is the only company to offer a complete color code system which organizes your materials along with your hand, bur and endo instruments. Zirc offer the most color options available. 
  • Zirc products are available at a economical price for the quality. Zirc products are known to last longer the steel products.
  • Zirc products never rust or corrude, maintining their colour even after several uses.
  • Zirc utilize an antimicrobial agent in all their products which resists the growth of bacteria and mold.
  • Zirc is the only company to offer locking covers for Procedure Trays and Tubs which improves your infection control.
  • Zirc products are designed with time~your time~in mind. Because while time is everything to you, you are everything to us.

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