OSCE / ADC Dental Manikin

OSCE / ADC Manikin | Dental Phantom Head - Navadha

Bench Mount includes = Plastic Skull, Connecting Plates, Magnetic Articulator, Connecting Rods, and Bench Mount Clamp. Options to add Fletcher Cheeks, ADC Jaws and ADC Cheeks.

When choosing the manikin without fletcher, please make sure to specify if you already have a DM-1 Columbia Flethcer or Navadha Manikin Fletcher. As there is a difference in the plates for both the fletcher. Wrong plates will cause the fletcher to tear or misfit. Please note in the absence of sharing this information, we will ship manikin suitable for navadha fletcher.

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Please Note: ADC Jaws are backordered and will be shipped after 23 June 2024.

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OSCE / ADC Manikin | Dental Phantom Head - Navadha

OSCE / ADC Manikin / Phantom Head with Bench Mount. Contents : Manikin Plastic Skull, Articulator, Bench Mounting Clamp and flexible ball joint ensures it can be easily brought into all necessary working positions. With an option to add original Columbia PVR 860 Jaw jaws and ADC Fletcher or Soft Skin Colour Navadha Fletcher with natural skin stretch & elasticity with draining system

All moving components made of High Quality non rusting Stainless Steel. Clamp to Mount on Table made of high impact Metal (not Plastic), Special support components in phantom to ensure stability of Jaws, Additional fittings to manipulate the jaw mouth opening, sturdy breakable High Impact polymer Skull, Natural Silicon Fletcher, easy changing of Jaws & teeth, leakage free water draining system. Magnets do not carry any warranty. Please dry the manikin after use.

The Fletcher encloses the model jaws completely and so allows working with water spray. Simulation exercises with limited space and realistic elasticity are made possible by using this oral cavity mask. It ensures that phantom head articulator is kept dry and clean. 

Leading International Dental Brands that use Navadha Phantoms include Carl Zeiss Academy Swiss, Bredent Germany, Easy Implant France, Linea Groupe France, Industrial Laborum Portugal, Biotec Italy, The City of London Dental School London UK, Academy of Advanced Endodontic's London... and many more. International European customer approved quality. 

Quality Certifications ISO 9001:2008, CE, Government of India Ministry of Commerce & industry Free Sale & Commerce Certified, Certificate of Conformity. 


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      9 lbs
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      9 x 9 x 9.5 in
  • Fletcher
    With Navadha Fletcher, With ADC DM1 Mask, Without ADC DM1 Mask
  • Jaws
    With Jaws & Articulator, Without Jaws, With Magnetic Articulator

Product questions

  • Pranesh Nepal
    May 30, 2024, 21:24

    I already have One Dental Jaw only.
    I m planning to order the Manikin head from navadha.
    Does the type of fletcher matter? Which fletcher should I order with maniken head? ADC DM 1 mask or navadha fletcher?

    Jun 1, 2024, 12:37

    ADC DM1 is manufactured by Columbia dentoform and is the one that would be provided during the exam while Navadha fletcher is manufactured by us.

  • Pranesh nepal
    May 30, 2024, 21:10

    I am ordering the maniken head.
    What is the difference between ADC DM 1 mask and Navadha fletcher?

    Jun 1, 2024, 12:38

    ADC DM1 is manufactured by Columbia dentoform and is the one that would be provided during the exam while Navadha fletcher is manufactured by us.

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