Zirc #5 Thin Grip Vibrant Mouth Mirror

Zirc Dental Mouth Mirrors.

Dental Mouth mirror is an instrument used in dentistry to see different areas of the mouth and examine a patient's teeth and gums from a variety of angles.

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    Zirc Dental Mouth Mirrors.

    A dental Mouth mirror is an instrument used in dentistry to see different areas of the mouth and examine a patient's teeth and gums from a variety of angles.


    • Lightest Mouth Mirror with handle weighing only 8 gms
    • 40% brighter than rhodium mirrors
    • More scratch resistant
    • Reduces eye strain and fatigue
    • The lens is flush with the mirror frame, eliminating the possibility of corrosion build-up
    • Eliminates galvanic shock
    • Autoclavable up to 136°C/275°F
    • Contains Antimicrobial Protection
    • Washer-disinfect

    Zirc offers the most brilliant and quality mouth mirror lens on the market today. The Crystal HD® mirror lens is 40% brighter than Rhodium and reduces eye strain and fatigue. #5 Head Size 26mm, Mirror Size 23mm

    Photos courtesy of: Dr. Dimitris Tsanaktsidis | www.dental-blog.gr

    Please follow the instructions for use from the manufacturer of your cleaning and sterilization equipment. Hereinafter called “see manufacturer


    1. Restriction of Reprocessing: Frequent reprocessing has marginal consequences for the Mouth Mirrors. Normally the end of durability of the product will be

    determined by visual degradation.

    2. Preparation Before Cleaning: Place the Mouth Mirrors into your instrument holder (ex. Cassette).

    3. Cleaning: There are three (3) cleaning methods that can be used to clean your Mouth Mirrors and Handles.

    *Manual: Clean the Mouth Mirrors manually by washing with a non-corrosive, low sudsing neutral detergent.

    *Ultrasonic: “see manufacturer information”

    *Automated Washer: “see manufacturer information”

    After one of the above cleaning methods have taken place. Rinse Mouth Mirrors thoroughly.

    4. Drying: Dry Mirrors thoroughly before sterilization. IMPORTANT: Failure to dry the mirrors thoroughly may cause marks to be burned into the glass surface

    or may lead to corrosion.

    5. Sterilization: Steam sterilize for at least 5 minutes at 270° F/134° C or 20 minutes at 250° F/121° C. Do not heat above 275° F/136° C. To avoid corrosion the

    steam has to be free of ingredients. Recommended critical values of ingredients for table water and steam condensate are determined according to EN 285.

    Please note: After sterilization in the Autoclave, please pay attention to the drying period INSIDE the Autoclave, do not take them out before drying period ends.

    DO NOT “dry-heat” sterilize.

    20Z340LT-3 Rev. E 01/09

    EC REP

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